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Community Benefit Reports

A Community Benefit Report is the public version of a series of reports we compile internally throughout Silverton Health to document the activities we pursue over the year as part of our mission as a tax-exempt healthcare organization.

It is intended to help you understand the extent we go to put into action our organizational creed — Committed to Compassionate Care for Our Communities.
Those words mean a lot to all of us. They’ll mean a lot more to you when you understand how broad our definition of the word care is.

The days when our mission stopped at the doors of our hospital are long past. Yes, providing compassionate, high-quality hospital and outpatient care remains at the core of what we do, but that is not the only kind of caring you will find us involved with.

You can see this caring spirit demonstrated in the hundreds of volunteer hours our employees and physicians donate to important causes, organizations and agencies.
When you read of the various ways Silverton Health lends its support to a multitude of community organizations, those all are examples of our creed in action.