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Woodburn Surgical Center

Sometimes offense is the best defense. If you're over 50, your doctor has probably recommended a colonoscopy as part of your regular health screenings. And, like many of us, you may regard it with little charity.

Yet, the truth is simple. Screening tests can save lives. And though tests for colorectal cancer may seem awkward or feel uncomfortable, the alternative – not screening – is a far worse option. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), colorectal cancer screening is one of the key reasons for the steady reduction in deaths from this cancer. The ACS and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommend regular screening tests for women and men starting at age 50. If you have risk factors for this cancer, such as a family history, you may need to start screening even sooner.

At Woodburn Surgical Center, you can experience this lifesaving test in an uncommonly serene atmosphere. As an outpatient department of Silverton Hospital, you can be assured that Woodburn Surgical Center complies with the same safety and professional standards.

Woodburn Surgical Center

1475 Mt. Hood Avenue
Woodburn, Oregon 97071
Phone: 971.983.5329
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