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Cardiac Rehabilitation

A cardiac procedure or event can be a life-altering experience, but the steps you take afterwards can affect your recovery and the quality of your life. Cardiac rehabilitation can begin soon after your cardiac event or hospitalization, upon the advice and referral of your physician. Participation in cardiac rehabilitation can reduce your change of another cardiac event.

Medicare and most other insurance plans offer partial or full coverage for Cardiac Rehabilitation.

The goals of cardiac rehabilitation are to help you:

  • Regain strength and stamina
  • Improve your health by reducing risk factors that may lead to another event

You have the power to prevent another life threatening event and bring back the joy of living. Our team of specialists will help you personalize a recovery and wellness plan including monitored exercise, stress management, nutritional counseling and interactive education about lifestyle changes. These tools will help you reduce your risk factors for heart disease including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

For more information about our Cardiac Rehabilitation program, talk to your primary care provider or call us at 971.983.5212.


Research has shown that people who participate in cardiac rehabilitation have a 21-34% lower mortality rate than those who do not. Alarmingly, only 12% of qualifying patients choose to enroll in this potentially life-saving program.

If you have suffered an event, talk to your doctor about cardiac rehabilitation to increase your chance of survival.

  • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery
  • Balloon angioplasty, PTCA, or stent placement
  • Stable angina
  • Heart attack (MI)
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Heart transplant
  • Heart failure
  • LVAD procedure
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Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Traditional Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab

Participants meet for monitored exercise sessions and learn to understand – and practice – the four modalities of healthy lifestyle modification: nutrition, stress management, exercise and group support.

Up to 36 hours of monitored exercise sessions three days a week for 12 weeks and one hour a week for education.

The ACT! Program (formerly “Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation”)

This is a program for individuals with chronic health conditions, recovering from an injury, or who have risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Learn how to make the changes that will allow you to live longer, stronger and happier. Get the support you need to make those changes stick.

This program can include:

  • Individual intake session with a nurse or exercise physiologist
  • Initial and follow-up fitness testing and body composition analysis with an exercise physiologist
  • Communication and coordination with your primary care provider
  • Individualized home exercise plan, including orientation to weight training and a personal strength training program
  • Up to four medically supervised exercise sessions per week. Each session can include:
    • Blood pressure check
    • Heart rate and training heart rate plus heart rate education
    • Oxygen monitoring
    • Blood sugar monitoring
    • Medication review
    • Appropriate individual exercise progression including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, balance and flexibility exercises
  • Monthly sessions on stress management, nutrition and social connectedness — all research-proven factors in improving your health

This program costs $64 per month and is not billable to insurance. Call 971.983.5212 for more information.

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