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There's no need to travel to Salem or Portland – some of the area's best specialists practice right here at our specialist centers in Silverton and Woodburn. Our specialists will work with you and your care providers to thoroughly diagnose conditions and outline the best treatment plan for you.


Digestive disorders affect more than 95 million Americans, making them one of the most common health issues. From heartburn to gallstones to colon cancer, gastroenterologists diagnose and treat conditions affecting the entire digestive system.

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Mental Health

Not all pain and discomfort shows up on an Xray. Psychologists understand how we develop, think, and behave, and how this affects our emotions. They use this knowledge to help people overcome emotional hurdles, cope, adapt, heal, and ultimately live well. This is especially helpful for those experiencing loss, divorce, or a life-changing diagnosis.

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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you’ve probably already realized the challenges are many. Hematology Oncology of Salem understands these challenges, and with clinics in Silverton and Woodburn, they are a valuable resource to the Silverton Health community.

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Our feet are key to our mobility and independence. Unfortunately, foot problems are not only some of the most common health problems, but also some of the most neglected.

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Millions of Americans have urological health issues that cause them inconvenience, embarrassment or loss of their normal lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be so. With today’s advanced diagnostic techniques, improved medications and a broad range of treatments, symptoms can be traced to specific causes and, in most cases, treated effectively.

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