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Women’s Health

To take control of your health requires both confidence and courage. As women, we all want the best for our families and very often put our own needs last. We’re tired, under more stress and have fewer physical and emotional resources to manage ourselves, our children and partners.

From pregnancy to mammograms to bone health, women face a unique set of health and wellness needs. Our team is here to provide the care, support, and trustworthy expertise you need to be healthy and feel great at every stage of life.

Family Birth Center at Legacy Silverton Medical Center

With all its joy and promise, birth is an event like no other — and we're dedicated to making it a warm and memorable experience for the whole family. Explore our services and see why the Family Birth Center at Legacy Silverton Medical Center is the only Oregon hospital recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing an outstanding maternity experience.

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Legacy Medical Group – Women's Health

Charting a course for a woman’s life long goal of optimum health can be challenging, but our healthcare professionals at the Legacy Medical Group – Women’s Health are here to provide the care, support and trustworthy expertise you need to be healthy and feel great at every stage of life. Our OB/Gyn, Midwifery and Women’s Wellness providers are known regionally for their outstanding personalized care.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology are medical specialties focused on caring for a mother and baby from pregnancy through delivery, as well as general health maintenance care for women. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of female illness and disease related to the reproductive system. Providers within this specialty also treat individuals experiencing difficulty conceiving.

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One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives. But with early detection, the survival rate is high. Best of all, state-of-the-art screening technology is available right here in the Willamette Valley, at Silverton Health.

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