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Silverton Hospital is a part of Oregon Health & Science University's Telemedicine Network for pediatric specialty care. Telepeds is an innovative new technology that enables Silverton Hospital care providers to collaborate in real-time with pediatric intensivist or neonatologist from OHSU.

Telepeds uses two-way video cameras over a secure internet connection to bring pediatric intensivist or neonatologist from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) "into the room", should their consult be needed. These pediatric and neonatal specialists provide immediate access to specialty care, and can eliminate the need for a time-consuming patient transfer. They're able to review patient information, and examine and talk with the older child, family members and doctors to evaluate time-critical patient needs and collaborate on treatment plans.

Features of Telemedicine

  • Shortens the time-sensitive decision-making process by providing immediate access to OHSU and OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital specialists..
  • Enables OHSU assistance in timely diagnosis and development of optimal treatment plans.
  • Provides patients a wider array of medical services close to home.
  • Limits costly and stressful transfers.
  • Spares families the time and expense of traveling to an out-of-town medical center to support a loved one.
  • Improves clinical outcomes and enhances continuity of care.
  • Increases patient satisfaction.

How Telemedicine Works

  • Local physicians evaluate patients and determine the need for consultation with an OHSU specialist.
  • If a telemedicine consult is needed, the mobile videoconferencing unit is moved to the patient’s bedside and the consulting physician “beams in.”
  • Patient, family and physician speak directly to OHSU specialists.
  • OHSU specialists provide consultation and evaluation, including review of labs and diagnostic imaging.
  • If necessary, hospital staff prepare patient for air or ground transport to another hospital.