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One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives. With early detection, the survival rate is quite high. An annual mammogram is still the gold standard of early detection and one of our best defenses against breast cancer.

Screening allows radiologists to monitor breast tissue over periods of time. Mammography can often detect changes long before patients and physicians can feel them. Screening is a key component for early detection and is intended for women who are asymptomatic, who are not experiencing any breast problems.

An annual screening mammogram may be self-referred. It is the only procedure available at Woodburn Diagnostic Imaging that does not require a physician's order. However, we recommend that you also be seen by your primary care physician for a thorough physical examination.

Diagnostic mammograms offer an in-depth look at areas that may be suspicious or have been seen inadequately on a screening mammogram. Sometimes women receiving diagnostic mammograms are experiencing a problem – perhaps they've noticed a lump, nipple discharge or pain. Many times, a diagnostic mammogram offers simple peace of mind – confirming that everything is fine.