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A Message from Silverton Health

Driven by a shared mission of serving their communities, the governing boards of Silverton Health and Legacy Health signed a Letter of Intent, Saturday, May 30, to develop an agreement of proposed affiliation. This non-binding document is the first step toward Silverton Health becoming a part of the Legacy Health system.
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Silverton Health Launches New Ad Campaign

This spring, Silverton Health launched an ad campaign with a new spin. Famous song lyrics bring health topics to life as we encourage our community members to get checked, get moving and live joyfully.

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Nurse Practitioners And Physician Assistants: Paving the way toward patient-centered care

Now, in a time of physician shortages, many hospitals are struggling to keep up with the demand to improve quality and provide access to millions of newly-insured patients. Silverton Health, armed with a dedicated team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, is working to meet the growing needs of our communities.
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Taking Baby-Friendly to the Next Level

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) encourages the best level of care for mothers and babies in hospitals and provides recognition to hospitals who meet the BFHI’s high standards. The initiative primarily centers around breastfeeding and bonding between mom and baby.
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The 50th Birthday Gift that Keeps Giving

Some of us go to great lengths to slow down our aging. We wear sunscreen, choose not to smoke, eat salads in lieu of cheeseburgers and religiously run or practice yoga. Others might be a little more lax about letting the effects of aging roll in. Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum, one thing is irrefutable: We all need to schedule a colonoscopy when we turn 50.

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Silverton Health Foundation Silver Spirit Award Winner Has Exceptional History of “Giving Back”

Lifelong Woodburn resident, Warde Hershberger, has made innumerable contributions to the community. In honor of his service to Woodburn and surrounding communities, the Silverton Health Foundation awarded Hershberger with the Silver Spirit Award at the Founders’ Society Reception on November 20, 2014.
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Infant Warmer Campaign Announced

The 14 infant warmers in Silverton Hospital’s FBC are aged and in need of replacement. The Foundation has undertaken the campaign to replace them, at a total cost of $290,000. Just as we have done with central monitoring and other projects, we turn to our friends in the communities we serve to assist with this project.
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Good Health at Every Stage

Unless you are particularly organized or health-conscious, you may not always think about what kinds of things you can do today to feel well in the long term. Here are some practical tips that we have compiled with the help of a few sources to help you keep living a good life through the ages.

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